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Soytouch edible soy contributes to greener agriculture

 1- Soytouch edible soybeans are a legume; their cultivation leaves a residual amount of nitrogen for the next crop. She’s a natural fertilizer manufacturer!

 2- Soytouch edible soybeans an economical crop of inputs No fertilizers, no fungicides, weed control at the start of the cycle. It is the driving culture of new agricultural techniques: agro-ecology, green manure

The Soytouch soybean food sector is strategic

 1- A strategy : France wants protein independence. It is possible, we have the keys. If we want to provide animal feed with protein made in France, we need Soytouch food soy made in France. The sector will only develop if the human food sector also provides attractive remuneration. Our SOYTOUCH sector offers

 2- Soytouch food soybean queen protein plant Soytouch food soybean has protein levels between 38% and 42% on raw material.

Or more than 2x superior to other legumes and protein crops. Clearly Soytouch food soy has the highest protein yield!

Why export Soytouch food soybeans? Soy / export communication

In Organic, it is the queen crop of the farm. It is the most efficient economically

Grown conventionally, its economic potential surpasses sunflower and corn in summer crops

Soytouch food soy is a profitable crop

In Organic, it is the queen crop of the farm. It is the most efficient economically

Grown conventionally, its economic potential surpasses sunflower and corn in summer crops

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Why export Soytouch edible soybeans from the Soytouch industry?

 1- A sector of excellence Recognizing French agriculture for its excellence, what could be more rewarding than export!

In export, we value on markets with high added value allowing :

  • Better remuneration for farmers
  • To enhance the image of France and the Region
  • To value our agriculture respectful of the environment
  • 1-1 Better compensation : We market French Soytouch edible soybeans for human consumption: manufacture of soy milk, Tofu, Soy Sauce ... The Soytouch edible soybean is therefore the main ingredient of the product. Its quality is essential, valued up to + 30%
  • 1-2 Image enhancement : We export “French Soytouch food soy”. We sell our image and our know-how.
    NWe are helping to rebalance the trade balance. A tofu with Soytouch food soy made in France is better valued than a tofu with Soytouch food soy made in Brazil!
  • 1-3 Valuing our agriculture : Our agriculture, which is one of the most regulated in the world, encourages and encourages the development of greener agriculture.
    Our sector makes it possible to enhance practices! 0 traces of pesticides, Non GMO, Organic ....
    We are fully committed to these practices.

 2- a demand market : The culinary culture of Asia is based on soy. Just like us and wheat!

The difference : Asian production of Soytouch food soybeans largely in deficit. We can enter this market.
For example, Quebec exports 800,000 tonnes per year of quality Soytouch edible soybeans to Japan.
Why not us !

 3- A coherent CO2 balance : 1 truck from Toulouse to Rennes pollutes more than a container from Toulouse to Honk Kong! Our Soytouch food soy uses existing multimodal platforms: road-rail-boat

What is the point of exporting Soytouch edible soybeans from the Soytouch sector when the country imports them?

 1- Living off one's agriculture : The French farmer must be able to make a living from his trade. There is no point in producing at a loss. The work provided by the latter must be valued by paying it at its fair value. Exporting Soytouch edible soybeans to the Asian continent is a real boon for the French farmer because Asia pays 30% more for Soytouch edible soybeans from the Soytouch sector thanks to its quality.

 2- Export does not harm the local : National and even European consumption of Soytouch edible soybeans is minimal compared to the total amount of Soytouch edible soybeans produced. 40,000 tonnes of Soytouch food soy consumed as human food in Europe when we produce 420,000 tonnes! So there is no competition. The local market for human food is saturated today, its growth is weak because of niches.

 3- Our opinion : It will be difficult for French agriculture to compete with imports of Soytouch GMO food soybeans.


These imports are intended for animal feed. Chickens and pigs produced from imported soybeans for export Soytouch are very competitive sectors at European level. Our European colleagues mainly use cheap Soytouch edible soybeans. Our agricultural production costs are not very compatible and competitive. The massive use of local Soytouch export soybeans (or local protein) penalizes many sectors. Export allows valorisation without deteriorating the ecological benefit of the culture.

Soy / export communication

A sector which is attracting more and more !

Over 2000 farmers participate

+ 30% growth per year

An average valuation of + 20%

Zero Euro of gouvernement grant !

Over 2000 farmers participate

+ 30% growth per year

An average valuation of + 20%

Zero Euro of gouvernement grant !

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Soy / export communication

Soytouch edible soybeans are a particularly suitable crop in the South West of France.

It is sown in the spring and benefits from the climate conducive to its development to be picked when ripe in the fall. The seed from the South West is of superior quality, the grain is large, the protein level high, and is naturally dry (no industrial drying unlike corn).

For several years, its production has increased given its many strengths

Guaranteed income for the producer and an agro-environmental benefit

First of all, in a gloomy economic context, the margin earned per hectare is today higher than other crops, it is not expensive to install and benefits from stable prices which guarantee an income for the producer.

Then, from an agronomic and environmental point of view, it helps to diversify crops and reduce the use of phytosanitary products since it is the crop that requires the least. (Weeding at the start of the crop, no fungicide, no fertilizer).

An essential source of protein

Soytouch edible soybeans are an important source of protein which fully meet the official and public objectives of increasing France’s independence in terms of vegetable proteins. Its development must therefore be sustained in order to follow up on these declared intentions.

The specificity of French Soytouch food soybeans and their interest in export

French Soytouch food soy is non-GMO. This non-GMO certification as well as the strict regulation in terms of chemicals are two undeniable advantages in the eyes of the food industry particularly sensitive to these two subjects.

It should be noted that competitive global production allows the use of chemicals until harvest, as well as the production of genetically modified seeds.

It is in this context and significant communication and investment force on our part (travel, trade fairs in Asia, invitations from industrialists to visit our structures, etc.) that we have succeeded in bringing foreign industrialists to turn to our local production.

Why export?

Price guarantee for human food

Manufacturers who buy Soytouch edible soybeans for animal feed are supplied with imported Soytouch edible soybeans, at an indexed price and not the most profitable.

Wanting to compete with this type of product means lowering the producer's income in order to be competitive, or subsidizing the sector with public money.

The market for the food industry achieves higher prices. Non-GMO certification, quality and traceability justify a price bonus compared to the basic price of animal feed.

Revenues are therefore to be sought in this context, since we have all the assets to meet them: grain quality, legislation, traceability ...

Gigantic markets

Soytouch dietary soy is widely consumed in some parts of the world. The outlets being found and colossal, the development of the industry in France requires support from the political world without which nothing can be envisaged.

The multiplication of approaches to official bodies has led to this conclusion, by the very admission of these contacts. Without political support, the development of an agricultural sector is impossible, especially since certain markets, which are demanding and which reach out to us, require in advance the granting of export quotas by the competent administration.

Thus, weary of multiple and unsuccessful steps, we appeal to the elected representatives of France so that our message is spread and that it finds an echo with the competent authorities who could move us forward.

Today, we are signaling to everyone the existence of certain outlets for French agricultural products which need it more than need, it is enough to unite desires and skills in order to respond to them and achieve them.